Moonhaze Silver Spiral
68,75 % arab blue-eyed creme stallion, 14,3 h.
His Sire is Shulay Farberge, Multichampion in the UK, his Dam is Legend Moon Royal also champion out of Silver Moonlight, who has sired more that 30 champions in the UK.
Moonhaze silver Spiral is a dobbel dilulte and a 100 % palomino producer on chestnut mares. With a bay he will give either buchskin or palomino or smoky black.
He has a good conformation and movement and as his sire he has a very sweet personality.

MoonHaze silver Spiral has sired best foal at the palomino show in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Moonhaze Silver Spiral was shown at the palomino Sportshorse show in 2006. He went best in the class for non-palomino color. Was judged with an overall mark og 8 and with 9 for jumping capasity and tecnique.

This year we are happy to be able to offer frozen semen from Moonhaze Silver Spiral.

Semen has been exported to France, Norway and England. Apart from his arab blood there is english thouroghbred and a dash of Hunter in him.

He will never pass the blue eyes to solid colored mares !

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