The Rainbow Arabian Stud is a small stud, situated in the hilly lake district of mid-jutland in Denmark.

Our goal is to breed palomino´s and pinto´s with high percentage arab blod and with the arabs type and movement together with a kind and loving disposition. The latter is a very important part of our selection of breeding stock and all our horses are very gentle and kind while also being of high riding quality and they are very suitable as pleasure sports horse, western or long disstance riding.

Our prime inspiration has been from the Shulay Stud in England, whom have bred palomino- arab type through the last 3 decades and who now well deserved take home all the major championships in the part-bred arab and palomino classes. What started as a vision in my head of a golden horse with snow-white mane and tail and the presence and beauty of the arabians I saw forfilled in reality by the dedicated breeding program og Pauline and Karen Gribbon.

The most outstanding proof of this was the picture I saw of Multi Supreme Champion Shulay Faberge in 1998. My first thought was to use him on my 2 arab mares, but unfortunately they did not ship semen.

After some years of set-back in 2002 I was looking for a stallion propect and found a beautiful cremello stallion sired by Shulay Faberge who would give me 100 % palomin babies with my chestnut arab mares. He was imported to the stud in late 2002 By the mysterious ways of fortune I suddenly had the oppertunity to also purchase Shulay Faberge HIMSELF and he came to the stud in May 2003.

My Cremllo stallion: Moonhaze Silver Spiral gives 100 % palomino color on chestnut mares and also is very arab type there has been much interest in him. He has the kind disposition that marks the offspring of Faberge and he is very sweet with the mares.

Horse welfare is very important to us and our horse enjoy a natural invirement . They have loose housing and are outdoor as much as they prefer all year round. Our stallions are in the field with our mares and foals . All our horses are ridden and trained by ways of natural horsemanship. This, we hope ensures that we reach our goal of breding horses, with the beuaty and presence of the arabs, with an exceptional color that is an eyecatcher, where-ever you go and not least a faithfull lifetime companion.

Guests are always welcome to visit us.