Shulay Golden Temptress Shulay Golden Temptress is our first palomino broodmare.
She is after Shulay Faberge and was shown extensivly as a 2 year old in UK. She was champion every time she was shown and ended up being National Junior Champion.

Since her was imported to Denmark in 2004, she has been ridden and bred to Shulay Gold Fever. This has been the first cross between the 2 outstanding Shulay lines based on ELDYR and RUSLEEM - each line consisting producing show and ridden winners and giving the distinct unmistaken " Shulay Look ". This "Shulay Look " of eleagance & beauty is our breeding aim and we have seen it forfilled in the colt that Temptress produced August 2005 Rainbow Fire on Ice. He has it all - plus the last high stocking!

In 2007 they did it again and gave us the chestnut filly Rainbow Painted Rose, with 4 high stockings and a blaze and the most fantastic movements and a personality of a goddess - she is my special darling of 2007. She and her brother are very similar in all aspects except the color - She will be a perfect broodmare to breed to cremellos or palominos in the future.